Special Services

Special Service Prices

Beverages, Beer, Liquor & Spirits


Orange juice $16.95 per pitcher
Cranberry juice$18.95 per pitcher
Soda by the can$1.50 per can
Soda by the pitcher$7.00 per pitcher
Group soda$105.00 (75-100 persons)
$135.00 (101-150 persons)
$155 (151+ persons)
Fruit punch$14.00 per gallon
Spiked punch$26.00 per gallon
Hot Chocolate $15.75 per gallon
Coffee$12.00 per pot


Domestic 1/4 barrel (16 pitchers) $150.00
Domestic 1/2 barrel (32 pitchers) $250.00
Premium 1/6 barrel (10 pitchers)$190.00
Premium 1/2 barrel (32 pitchers)$290.00

Liquor and Spirits

(“HOST BAR” charged on per drink basis.)

House brand$3.50
Call brand $4.00
Premium brand $4.50
Top shelf $5.50
House wine “Albertoni”

Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Merlot or Cabernet

$5.50 per glass
$22.00 per bottle


SPLIT -(Smaller, individual bottles) $8.00 OR by the bottle $25.00

Drink Ticket Information

Ticket Package (Rail, Call, House Wine) – $4.50

If the drink price is more than $4.50, the customer will pay the difference.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Tax and gratuity not included in prices above.


Desserts, Pastries, Music & Linen

Pastries & Desserts

Danish and coffee $4.95 per person
Combo doughnuts and cookies $1.50 each
Doughnuts$1.50 each
Frosted cookies $1.50 each
Regular size muffins $2.00 each
Bagels$1.50 each
Assorted Bars$1.50 each
Brownies $1.50 each
HomemadeChocolate Chip Cookies $0.75 each


Frosted Sheet Cakes  
1/4 sheet$24.95
1/2 sheet $34.95
Full sheet $49.95

After Dinner DJ and Light Show or Karaoke

Four hour show – $350.00

Groups of 100 or more – $175.00

Wedding DJ – $475.00

Linen Charge

(Included with buffets over $16)

52 X 120 banquet tables – $2.75 per table

$0.40 per napkin

Cake Cutting Fees

$1.00 per person

Weddings – $2.25 per person

Cupcakes – $0.50 per person

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